My Story‚Äč

Born and raised in Greenville NC, Dontez Ward became a natural at an early age. He recalls listening to music daily, playing his tape/CD player, while trying to learn all the dance moves on the latest videos or watching movies that entailed some of the greatest hits. He was often called on to pick the music at the neighborhood birthday parties or the family reunions. As he grew older, he was responsible for the music selections at the adult parties, neighborhood cookouts and school functions. Back then he was known to everyone as "Tez the kid with all of the music". He would often get called Radio Raheem as people were amused and amazed that at such young age, he could recall music like a preset radio station. His love for music only grew fonder. As an adult, he began to receive requests to host events such as weddings, birthday parties, campus parties, and house parties. With little to no equipment and an Ipod with over 10,000 songs, the crowd wanted him. It only made sense to give the people what they truly wanted so DJ Free hit the scenes and continues to perfect his craft. DJ Free decided upon his stage name with the basic notion that there should be no rules in the wonderful world of music.